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August 08, 2018 | 5 min read
The 5 Best Questions To Ask When Starting A New Job


Congratulations! You successfully landed a new job and can look forward to starting fresh in a different environment! Throughout your first few months, you’ll need to prove to your manager that they made the best decision to hire you. While starting a new job can feel daunting, there are certain steps you can take to ensure you have a smooth transition. For starters, asking well-timed and relevant questions to get accustomed to various aspects of the role and responsibilities will be key to settling into your new company.

To ensure you get off on the right foot, here are 5 questions to ask when starting a new job:

Questions to learn about your team

Although you might have gotten the chance to meet some of your team members throughout the hiring process, now that you are on the job, it’s important to get a sense of what your day-to-day working relationship may look like. For example, asking questions about your other teammates’ job functions is a great way to get a better sense of their routines and how your daily responsibilities will contribute to the team.

Questions about the best methods to communicate

Depending on the type of company you are starting with, the methods of communicating can differ drastically. For instance, while a start-up company might call for more face-to-face meetings, a large international bank might rely more heavily on email communication. Therefore, it’s a good idea to figure out how members of your team and other departments you’d work closely with prefer to regularly communicate. In addition, figure out your immediate supervisor’s communication style to get a better sense of how you should approach projects moving forward.

Questions about the most important projects

A great way to hit the ground running in a new job is to have a good idea of the most time-sensitive projects you should be focusing on. From learning the ins and outs of using certain technology to getting accustomed to using certain inner office tools, knowing the projects that are most important will allow you to better prioritize your time and efforts. This will not only show your team you are focused on adding value as soon as possible, but it will also allow give you a better understanding of what the team’s most pressing challenges are.

Questions about how you will be evaluated

While the first few months at any new job comes with a major learning curve, it’s important to understand how your performance will be measured. Specifically, ask questions that will help you identify the metrics or accomplishments your manager will be relying on to evaluate your overall performance. This will force you to keep these performance metrics in mind as you start different projects.

Questions about the organizational structure

One of the most daunting tasks when starting a new job is learning about the organizational structure, which may include an entire new set of names, titles, and functions. Learning about the organizational structure will help you get a better idea of who you may need to network with to help you get certain projects done.

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