Security Reminder: Tandym may send job opportunities to contacts by text message, but we will never ask you for personal information, passwords, account details, or financial details over text; we’ll never charge you money for applying for a job with Tandym; we’ll never ask you to install software; we’ll never ask you to switch to a different messaging platform like WhatsApp. If you receive any additional messages that look suspicious, please call our corporate headquarters at (212) 922-1001.
Why work with us as a contract employee?

At Tandym Group, we understand that all of our candidates have different needs. For those who want greater flexibility, the opportunity to diversify their experience, or the ability to assess fit before making a longer-term commitment, we offer contract placement services across the following specialty areas: healthcare, technology, professional services (accounting, financial services, HR/People & Operations, legal, marketing & creative), and life sciences.

In addition to access to some of the best roles with leading employers, here’s what you get when you work with us as a temporary employee:

Comprehensive benefits package:

Upon completion of a set number of hours, all contract professionals placed through our firm are eligible to enroll in our benefits program, including: healthcare/dental/vision benefits, our 401k plan, a flexible spending account, and exclusive employee discounts. For more information, please contact your staffing manager or refer to the Employee Benefits Policies document.


Contract/temporary employment is a great way to not only get your foot in the door, but also diversify your experience with different companies. These roles offer you the flexibility to work as long or as often as you would like, including on a short-term, long-term, consulting, per diem, project-based, and freelance basis.

Many of our jobs are also contract-to-hire, which is a great way for both the employer and job seeker to decide if there is a mutually beneficial fit. In these scenarios, you are hired on a temporary or contract basis with the possibility of long-term employment, and at the end of the “temporary” portion of your role, the employer has the option of extending a full-time offer.


Through our temp portal, we make it simple to enter your hours, review the status of your timesheets, and view information regarding your payroll history.

As a contract employee working through Tandym Group, you’ll also have access to your own concierge. Working directly alongside your staffing manager, your concierge will be your personal point of contact for the duration of your assignment. We value all working consultants as integrated members of our team, so your concierge will check in on you, keep you informed of any firm updates, and will be available to answer any questions.

Career guidance:

When you join the Tandym team as a contract employee, your recruiter will do more than just find you a job. They’ll become an advocate working on your behalf to ensure you receive competitive pay and are placed in a role that is the right fit for you. As a true career partner, your staffing manager will proactively help you make the connections you need for long-term success in your field.

Industry expertise:

Whether you are interested in transitioning into a new industry, or are looking to make a career move in your current field, our recruiters will leverage their expertise to connect you with an opportunity that can help you achieve your goals. Since all of our recruiters are industry-specific specialists, they have unique insight into market trends and what employers are looking for in candidates – giving you the competitive edge you need to either get your foot in the door or further refine your skills.

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