September 27, 2019 | 5 min read
Changing Teams? How To Navigate The Internal Job Transfer Process


Over the span of your career, you’ll likely want (and need) a change of pace professionally. For many, this means leaving the organization they’re with now in pursuit of a new opportunity. However, this isn’t always the case; what if you love your current company aren’t interested in leaving?

If you’re among the latter, the change you may be looking for isn’t a complete departure from the company—it may just mean finding a new job within it. Navigating the internal job transfer process in a professional manner can be challenging, but doing so can benefit both your career and the company in the future!

Here are four things you’ll need to do before, during, and after the internal job transfer process:

Do your research

Before initiating an internal transfer at work, do some research on the kind of work you want to start doing. Depending on the type of change you’re looking for, this period can be time-consuming and require extra work to learn the skills necessary to qualify for a new role. Doing your research beforehand will give you a better idea of whether or not this is the best option for you and your long-term career goals.

Talk to your supervisor

Perhaps the most uncomfortable part of the internal job transfer process is discussing your desire to move with your current manager. While this can be a difficult discussion, it’s necessary in order to ensure you stay in good standing within your company. During this conversation, politely outline your reasons for wanting to make the move. Regardless of how your supervisor handles the news, keep in mind that failing to have this discussion at all is unprofessional, and could ultimately hurt your chances of making an internal move.

Prepare for the interview

Many professionals looking to make an internal transfer mistakenly think that, since they already work for the company, the new role is guaranteed. However, this is not the case! If you’re looking to switch departments within your current company, you’ll still have to prepare for the interview just like everyone else. In order to prepare as an internal candidate, educate yourself on the kind of projects and work your new team has done over the past couple of years. By doing so, you’ll demonstrate your level of interest and commitment to the team!

Be considerate of your former team

If you are offered the opportunity to switch teams at your current company, it’s important to be considerate of how your departure will affect your current team. Since you’ll still be at the company, make it clear to your team that you’re committed to not only helping your replacement get up to speed, but that you’ll also be available should they need your advice and assistance. Remember, the last thing you want to do during the internal job transfer process is burn bridges, so maintaining good relationships with your current team is key!

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