October 05, 2016 | 5 min read
Utilizing Company Research During The Application Process


When applying for a job or preparing for an interview, research is a crucial component to your success.  However, when you’re surfing the internet, you may miss specific items that can tell you a great deal about how an organization operates.  While there is an abundance of information to digest on the internet, carefully combing through the details can assist you in the application and interview processes.  In order to get the most out of your research, be sure to check all of the following boxes:


When perusing a company’s website, certain areas on the page may give you more information than others.  Among the sections to browse, an ‘About’ page is a good place to start.  This can give you an overview of the company’s history, and you can understand the values and goals of the business.  Additionally, be sure that you can gain a grasp on the products or services offered, and identify their target audience.  While you may not need to understand the business model for your particular role, it can help you in the interview process.  Plus, any page about working for the organization could be a good window into the organization so that you can better evaluate whether the company’s culture fits with your personality.

Social Media

While not all industries utilize social media in the same way, it is often used to communicate real-time updates and even connect with customers.  As a result, it may still be an opportunity to learn more about the organization.  While your role may have nothing to do with social media, you can gain additional insight about the current scene through social media posts.  You may even be able to learn more about their company culture if they share details about the internal operations of the company.

In addition to platforms like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn can give you more distinct insight.  On LinkedIn, you can see how the organization interacts within the industry and professional community.  Plus, you may even be able to find profiles of your interviewers.  Through this research, you can decipher their role within the company as well as more details about their background.  Additionally, you may even be able to pick out a detail from their history that you can ask about later.


An often overlooked aspect of a company’s online presence is their portrayal in the news.  As a result, be sure to review articles that mention the organization to decipher how they are perceived within the industry.  This could involve detecting anything from a scandal to positive press regarding growth of the business or a social good venture that reflected positively upon their image.  While press coverage is not necessarily a ‘make or break’ issue, walking in with a well-rounded perspective can assist you in the interview because you can make a better-informed decision.


Similarly, you can get a well-rounded perspective on the internal company culture through employee reviews.  While reviews should always be taken with a grain of salt, it can help your understanding of what your potential experience could be.  Once again, a poor review isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, but having a full understanding when walking into the interview can help you make the right decision later.

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