April 18, 2023 | 5 min read
Should You Consider Contract Employment? 5 Questions To Ask


At some point during your job search, you may come across many listings for contract roles. In this type of role, you would typically work for the company for a set amount of time under a contract. Once the contract ends, you would move onto another opportunity—which is why this type of work is often referred to as “temporary.” Although it may not have been on your radar when you started your search for a new role, temporary employment can offer many benefits for your career. However, it isn’t always for everyone. Continue reading to learn more about contract work and how to determine if it is the right opportunity for you.

What is a temp or contract job?

A temp or contract job is a form of employment where a person is hired for a specific duration of time. These jobs can range in length from one day to several days or a few months to years. And in some cases, the end date is open-ended. These roles can be found in a variety of industries such as life sciences, healthcare, technology, and professional services—and may involve anything from project-based work to high-level consulting needs.

Why do companies hire on a temporary or contract basis?

Companies offer temporary employment for a variety of reasons. In order to keep business running smoothly and efficiently, a company might want to hire contract workers for:

  • A project that requires more support
  • Seasonal needs
  • An implementation that requires a specialist
  • An employee leave of absence or urgent backfill for a vacant position

Does this sound like the right move for you?

Temporary work can have many benefits. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s what’s right for you. Here are five questions to ask to determine if temporary work is the right move for you:

Am I unsure about my career path?

If you’re unsure of what you want out of your career or have hit a bit of a rut, temporary employment may make sense for you to pursue. Temp work gives you the opportunity to work at different organizations and industries for a short amount of time. This will allow you to get hands-on experience at a variety of companies to help you explore new career possibilities. As you try different roles, you’ll start to notice patterns of what you like and don’t, giving you the insight to make your next strategic career move when that time comes. Read also: Thinking About Making A Career Change? Here’s What You Need To Know

Do I need more flexibility?

One of the greatest benefits of temporary employment is the flexibility it can provide. Whether you are a freelancer, are a career contractor, or are just looking for a side hustle, many of these roles give you the opportunity to find a job that fits into your life.

Do I need new work right away?

Temporary employment can be a great option if you’ve recently been laid off or you need to make a quick job change. Typically, employers look to contract workers when they have an urgent need. This makes the hiring process shorter and a little more flexible. Whatever your personal reasons are for job searching, contract or temporary employment can help you speed up your search.

Will I have the time to find the right role for me?

In addition to finding a source of income, temporary employment gives you the added time you may need to find the right role for you. You may have some full-time offers coming your way, but if you don’t feel like these organizations are the right fit, you won’t feel the pressure to accept a role you may regret. Temporary work gives you the opportunity to wait for the right role while you continue to work.

Do I need to expand my network?

If you feel like your network needs to grow, temporary work can be an excellent way to do it. These opportunities can expose you to multiple different companies, which will lead to more work connections and relationships that you can cultivate. Not only will it allow your network to expand, but it will also give you an opportunity to diversify your network.

If you’ve decided temporary employment or contract work may be the right fit for you, search and apply to temp roles on our website today.

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