July 12, 2018 | 5 min read
Debunking The Myths Of Working With Recruiters


Working with a recruitment firm can be a gamechanger for people searching for a new job. However, many job seekers are skeptical about partnering with a recruiter due to some common industry misconceptions.

We’ve heard a lot of misconceptions over our 30+ years in business, so we set the record straight below and debunk the most common myths about working with a recruiter as a job seeker.

Myth 1: Recruiters Only Want Your Money

Don’t think it’s a trap for your money when a recruiter reaches out to you. Companies pay recruiting firms to help them find the right person to fill a position, which makes a recruiter a free resource for job seekers.

Myth 2: Recruiters Are Pushy

Many individuals who have spoken to recruiters in the past have been dissuaded because of their request for an immediate phone call. Although this may seem pushy, recruiters want to engage in a discussion over the phone to find the right fit for you. Your resume is a good start, but a phone conversation will allow you to better express the industry, responsibilities, and work environment you want in your next role. Since recruiters have a better understanding of their client’s needs and company culture, taking the time to chat with them on the phone will save you time in the recruitment process. It will also help the recruiter hone in on opportunities that are better suited for your needs.

Myth 3: Salaries Tend To Be Lower As A Result Of Recruiter Fees

Although recruitment firms do charge employers a fee, this has no impact on a candidate’s salary. In fact, fees are usually based on a percentage of the candidate’s final compensation. This incentivizes both the recruiter and the candidate to negotiate for the best salary or pay rate for the job.

Myth 4: Recruiters Pitch Fake Roles

If a recruiter mentions a role that isn’t posted on the company’s website, don’t fret. Many times, recruiters have access to job openings before they are posted online. In fact, some clients don’t even want certain positions publicly promoted—preferring recruiters to hand-select the right fit for their role. In this sense, working with a recruiter can give you access to job opportunities you might not have found otherwise.

Myth 5: Recruiters Just Want To Fill A Job

The best recruiters want to build strong, long-lasting relationships with their candidates. They not only want to help find the right role for you, but also want you to succeed in your job search. To do this, they’ll take the time to review your resume, prepare you for interviews, and provide feedback when the interview is over. If a job a recruiter sent you is not the right fit, it doesn’t mean your recruiter will kick you to the curb. There could be another job they receive that might be a great fit for you in the future. They can also provide insight on the market beyond your job search. Whether you want to know if your salary is competitive with industry trends or you are interested in expanding your skillset, your recruiter can be an excellent resource to turn to.

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