May 22, 2013 | 5 min read
4 Ways Technology is Changing the Job Search

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Most of us know that the job application process has transitioned almost completely online. But there are some surprising ways technology is making the old resume and sit-down interview format look old hat. From utilizing social media to harnessing new technology, modern companies and jobseekers are embracing all the innovations of the internet to make stellar employment connections. Here are four of the newest ways technology is changing the job search.

Video Interviews – A recent study has found that 6 out of 10 companies use video interviewing in their hiring process. The growing popularity of video interviewing can be explained by its effectiveness in cutting down on the time it takes to hire candidates. It is more convenient than traditional methods of interviewing, in that working around busy schedules becomes more manageable. Additionally, it is a popular method of conducting first-round interviews as employers can rather quickly gauge a candidate’s relevancy and communication style over the internet without mapping out the time to meet with them.

Creative Applications – Creative applications are catching more and more attention, as imaginative jobseekers are creating their own campaigns designed to get the interest of their dream company. Some ways of creating out-of-the-box applications are to make a webpage, write a blog post, or outline a marketing campaign. Companies are particularly attracted to these types of applications because they show imagination and a pioneering spirit. Recruiters know that these applicants have drive and motivation, qualities that are valuable to many companies.

Targeted Job Advertisements – Targeted display advertising technologies place job postings in front of a huge amount of job candidates. These ads are automatically distributed to a specific targeted audience across a large number of sites, thus enabling the reach of the posting to include candidates not necessarily actively looking for an open position. The ads reach their intended audience through the use of cookie-based targeting, which identifies behaviors that demonstrate an interest in a specific career. So, if you are a job seeker, don’t automatically write off the job advertisements you see on Facebook. Chances are that they’re not a scam, and you’re being targeted with good reason!

Career Apps – There is a burgeoning market for career apps due to their potential to market job postings uniquely to the enormous number of mobile-phone users today. Job search apps help employers reach candidates that are part of the emerging workforce of mobile internet users. Different apps allow users to search for jobs by different criteria, such as location and keyword.

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