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February 13, 2019 | 5 min read
5 Interview Questions To Wrap Up Every Interview With


“Do you have any questions for me?” While we all get asked this at some point in the interview process, this is among one of the top interview questions that job seekers struggle with. When a hiring manager asks this question, it’s your chance to shine and take control of the flow of conversation. Unfortunately, too many candidates pass up this opportunity to learn more about the company, their potential team and supervisor, and the hiring manager.

Asking smart interview questions not only helps you determine if the position is the right fit, but can also further communicate certain skills you possess, such as attention to detail and analytical thinking. Furthermore, knowing what interview questions to ask can highly impress a hiring manager and potentially place you ahead of other candidates who simply passed on the question with a “no, thank you.”

If you are looking to impress the hiring manager and learn more about the company in the process, consider asking these questions at the end of your next interview:

How would you describe the company culture?

If you aren’t starting to think about company culture as a major factor in your job search, it’s time to start! With a stronger company culture tied to happier and more productive employees, employers are focusing on improving their culture and finding candidates who fit into it. As a result, asking about company culture can show an employer you’re on the same page as them—and you, too, intend to ensure the match would be mutually beneficial. Read also: 6 Interview Questions Aimed At Uncovering A Company’s Culture.

What’s the most important skill or characteristic for the person in this role to possess?

Asking interview questions like this shows that you’re really considering what it would take to succeed in this role. They also give you an opening to talk more about the skills you do possess that you may have missed at the start of the interview, or ways to acquire/sharpen certain skills should you receive an offer.

How do you measure and evaluate success?

Once you know what skills are required to succeed, determine how that success will be assessed. The purpose of this question is twofold: to be better informed on the expectations of the role as well as impress the interviewer with your forethought.

What do you like most about working for this company?

Bringing a question specifically about the hiring manager to the table is also a great strategy. This question allows you to get an insider’s perspective of the organization, learn more about the person interviewing you, and show that you’re prepared to do your research about the company. Read also: The Complete Guide To Company Research.

How will my work impact the company as a whole?

Asking this question shows that you’re not only interested in how the company can help you advance your career, but how you can further the company’s goals. Employers appreciate a candidate who has their eye on the bigger picture and how they can utilize their skills to make an impact in the company, rather than focusing on questions about salary and benefits during the early stage of the interview process.

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