August 14, 2018 | 5 min read
Five Interview Mistakes That Are Holding You Back


Getting to the interview phase of the hiring process is something to be proud of. However, how you perform during the interview will make or break your chances of getting the job. You may be the perfect candidate for the role on paper. But if you make any common interview mistakes during the interview and fail to impress your potential employer, it’s unlikely you’ll get the job.

There are many small errors you might be making that are sabotaging your shot at the role. Below are five common interview mistakes you’ll want to avoid:

Poor Body Language

One of the most common interview mistakes you might be making is poor body language. You might have the best experience and skills to do the job, but it may be difficult for a hiring manager to see that if your body language portrays that you are disengaged or uncomfortable. To present yourself in the best way possible, give a firm handshake when you first meet your interviewer, make strong eye contact, and sit up straight during the interview.

Asking Questions With Obvious Answers

When you do your research for an upcoming interview, you’ll need to know more than what the company does or what their Glassdoor reviews say. You’ll also need to prepare smart questions that will give you more knowledge about the organization. These questions should be intuitive and show that you truly did your research. Why? If you ask a question that can easily be answered on the company’s website, it may lead your interviewer to think you didn’t prepare properly for the interview and that you are not very interested in the role.

Talking Badly About Past Employers

An interview is not the time to tell your potential employer about how horrible your last organization was to you. Employers want to bring on candidates that can enhance their company culture with a positive attitude. If you are overcritical of your past employer, you’ll be perceived to have a bad attitude and you might not get the job.

Not Sending A Thank You Email To Your Interviewers

You aren’t done with the interview process without sending a thank you note to the people you met with. Failing to send a thank you email might be a simple way hiring managers can disqualify you from the job if other strong candidates did send a note. Remember, a thank you note is your final opportunity to make a strong impression as well as address any points that you couldn’t add during your interview.

Downplaying Your Accomplishments

The employer has seen something in you if you’ve made it to the interview, but you’ll need to bring your accomplishments to life to truly win them over. When you prepare for your interview, don’t forget to write down your biggest career accomplishments and see where these milestones naturally fit in during the interview. Your potential employer will want to hire someone who can make an impact, so showcase what you have to offer during the interview process.

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