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September 07, 2016 | 5 min read
How To Promote Your Company Culture To Attract Top Talent

Welcome to the second part of our company culture series! To learn how you can further develop or improve your company culture to attract and retain talent, please refer to our first post.

In the past, we’ve written extensively about the importance of identifying and hiring candidates who are the best cultural fit for your organization as well as the team they would be joining. However, in the quest to find the person with the right mix of experience, skills, and personality traits, it becomes easy to forget that the hiring process is a two-way street. While you are assessing whether you would like to hire the candidate, that individual needs to be able to discern if the company is a place where they would actually want to work.

This is where your company culture (or lack thereof) comes into play. In today’s job market, you can assume that your top candidates are interviewing with multiple companies at once. And guess what? A company’s culture can make or break their decision to accept an offer. In fact, a recent study by Glassdoor found that “company culture and values” are part of the top five factors that job seekers take into account when considering an employer. With the stakes this high, it is no longer enough to entice job seekers with competitive compensation and traditional benefits. While they are certainly still important, they are only part of the package. In addition, you need to provide all prospective employees with a well-rounded view of the shared beliefs and practices that make your company unique. Here’s how:

Maintain an active digital + social presence: For some companies, providing informative, interactive, and consistent content across your website(s) and social media platforms is a great way to connect with prospective hires. Job seekers are going to do their research to ensure they are choosing the right employer, so facilitating a polished presence across these mediums is key. While this may be relevant to certain industries over others, employing some of these methods can help even the most traditional companies attract forward-thinking candidates.

Have candidates meet with prospective team members: There’s really no better way to introduce candidates to your culture, than to have them meet their prospective team members. Since they’d be working daily with these employees, this will help them evaluate if the opportunity is the right fit.

Make introductions to key players at the company: Since a unified company culture trickles down from the top, have them meet with key leaders. This will give prospective hires a more personal introduction to the organization.

Give them a tour: Make them excited to work for your organization by giving them the grand tour! Show them where their potential team’s desks are, as well as any other areas that highlight the energy of the office.

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