February 28, 2019 | 5 min read
How TESG Put Me To Work: Katie Kuhns


This is part of a series of testimonials from candidates who have successfully been placed by The Execu|Search Group. This testimonial comes from Katie Kuhns; you can find our past testimonials here

With plans to travel to London to further her education in Motion Graphics, Katie was looking for a role that would help her build her skills while accommodating her upcoming travel plans. After discussing her goals with Julie Mauer and Rif Saleh of The Execu|Search Group’s Creative + Digital and Fashion teams, they helped her secure a contract position with a leading fashion company. Katie’s new employer was so impressed that they extended her one-month contract to four months, and are looking forward to bringing her on full-time after she completes her course in London!

After her positive experience with Execu|Search, Katie was happy to speak with us about it:

On her background…

I graduated from Denison University in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art. Knowing I wanted to pursue a creative career in the corporate world, I went on to study Graphic Design at the Shillington School in New York City. Since then, I have been freelancing as a graphic designer for Luxury Fashion and Media companies, including Oscar de la Renta, The Estée Lauder Companies, Hearst Digital Media, and Turner Broadcasting. It was at Hearst where I was first able to develop my skills as a motion graphic designer, designing and animating content for many of their brands’ Snapchat platforms.

On what she was looking for…

When I connected with Execu|Search, I was looking for a partner I could bounce career-related ideas off of. With plans to further develop my education in motion graphics, I wanted to find an opportunity that would allow me to leverage my previous experience and continue building my skillset. Whether it was a short-term freelance role or an extended project, my next opportunity had to accommodate my upcoming education plans.

On how TESG worked to meet her needs…

Julie and Rif worked very closely with me throughout my job search. They really took the time to understand what I was looking for so they could match me with great companies I would be excited about.

After interviewing and being offered a role with the help of Julie and Rif, I unfortunately had to pass on it for another opportunity. Since the project I was working on wasn’t long-term, I reached back out to Julie and Rif to line up my next role. They responded to me within an hour, letting me know they were reaching out to the company I had originally interviewed with. This was an opportunity I regretted passing up, so I was ecstatic when I found out that afternoon that they wanted to hire me for a different role! While I think a little luck was involved in the timing of this, I don’t think I would have had this opportunity if Julie and Rif weren’t working so diligently on my behalf.

On preparing for the interview…

I felt very prepared for my job interview. My recruiters went over the company’s background and helped me articulate how my past work experience could be applied to the role I was interviewing for. They also checked in with me the day of the meeting to make sure I was ready and felt confident.

On her overall experience…

My current role has turned out to be the perfect fit! What started out as a one-month contract was extended to several months. After I return from London, I will be brought on full-time for the first time in my career. I really couldn’t have asked for a better outcome!

Katie is not only one of the most talented candidates I’ve worked with, but one of the most authentic,” says Julie. “She made it so easy for us to find her job! She was clear in her expectations, responsive, and motivated throughout the entire process.”

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