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June 25, 2024 | 6 min read
Pride Month Spotlight: Meg Ksenzakovic


Creating an environment that embraces inclusivity and diversity isn’t just good practice—it’s essential for organizations aiming to make everyone feel valued and celebrated. In honor of PRIDE month, we asked some of our exceptional employees involved with Tandym’s PRIDE Employee Resource Group (ERG) to share their thoughts on the significance of having this and other ERGs at companies like Tandym. Last but not least, Meg Ksenzakovic!

What is the importance of having a PRIDE ERG at a company like Tandym?

The emergence of Pride groups and other ERGs in the last 10 to 15 years has done a lot to increase the diversity & inclusion concepts that companies have been trying to implement. The big difference now is that it’s not just people within HR who are backing them, but employees themselves who are pushing the charge with hands-on work.

They’re also a great way to connect with people who have similar lives and interests because it’s hard to find people in your workplace when you’re fearful that you really can’t be your authentic self. If your workplace is offering an employee resource group where people are just like YOU, it’s a relief and it feels a lot like acceptance – and it’s important for companies to do that for their employees.

What can a company like Tandym do to further support Pride and other ERGs?

Being consistent. Our company has really done a lot in the last year and a half to bring additional focus and attention to the ERG’s. I really am appreciative of all the efforts that we’ve made to get some of the mentors and the trainees the resources they need to lead their ERGs properly.

Also – it’s about where the support comes from, and we have had so much executive participation since the ERGs first came into fruition. I do think that that’s a key. Of course, the ERGs are there for people who are part of the respective communities, for people who might be allies, or for those who want to learn and expand their knowledge of people and lifestyles that are completely foreign to them. But having an executive at the company show up, participate, and sponsor these ERGs adds an extra level of legitimacy. Their advocacy has elevated the ERGs in the eyes of the organization and that brings more attention to them.

Are there any specific events or gatherings that you would love for the Pride ERG to do at our company?

I belong to the Eastern PA Trans-equity Project, and this year I was fortunate enough to join the board. The organization operates across all of Pennsylvania helping trans and gender-expansive individuals with advocacy and support work and I joined because this work is important to people close to me. We help folks navigate through a formal name change, we offer housing & emergency support assistance, referrals to safe medical care & consulting, and above all our aim is to provide an environment of not only acceptance but celebration within the LGBTQIA++ community. It truly is a wonderful organization.

But honestly, anything that involves collective and inclusive participation is all that matters. Whether inviting someone to come in and speak to the company or getting involved with a fundraiser outside of the company, involvement, getting people together, and talking are what makes these groups work.

I loved seeing what Lisa Carver and the Women’s Network did with the Habitat for Humanity event a couple of months ago. Something as simple as seeing everyone wearing the same t-shirts and working collaboratively toward a common goal was awesome. It’s what every ERG should be doing.

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