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December 06, 2022 | 5 min read
4 Ways To Speed Up The Hiring Process To Win Over Top Talent

In an ever-shifting job market, employers are struggling to hire high quality candidates. In fact, employers are frequently losing out to competitors who moved a little faster in their hiring process.

While you may feel inclined to move slower or be sure that you are making an offer to the right candidate, the job market today doesn’t allow for so much flexibility. For example, our 2023 Total Talent Guide reported that 52% of professionals were interviewing for 2+ other roles while they were interviewing for their current position. It’s important to remember that your top candidates are likely to be presented with other offers–and soon.

So, how can you speed up your hiring process to win over top talent? Start by considering the below strategies:

Be flexible in your requirements

Before you even start looking for candidates, consider your requirements for the role. The more flexible you can be, the more likely you are to find the right candidate. This includes examining the following:

  • Location: If this job can be done remotely, you can offer more flexibility with a hybrid or fully remote role.
  • Experience: While you may desire a certain level of skill, consider where you can be a little more flexible and offer training to supplement. When you look for someone who has the potential to grow into the role, this can sometimes be a better fit.

Consolidate your interview rounds

When you’re planning multiple interview rounds, it will cost you a lot of time and effort to schedule two to three rounds of interviews throughout the process—especially if your candidates are also interviewing with other employers. This can significantly delay your timeline and ability to hire the best candidates. As a result, coordinating all the interview rounds to take place in one day or allowing for virtual flexibility can allow your candidate to:

  • Know that you respect their time
  • Quickly get a sense of the role and team
  • Have a better idea of where they stand

Be transparent & decisive

Once you find the perfect candidate, stop meeting with other prospective hires and make an offer. While it may be tempting to explore your talent pipeline or seem taboo to cancel previously scheduled interviews, it is in all parties’ best interest to end the interview process. Constantly searching for the greener grass will not benefit you in this scenario.

Conversely, if you’re interested in a candidate and unable to move quickly, be sure that you are communicating consistently with your candidates to keep them apprised and let them know that you are still interested.

Make your best offer right away

The offer stage can often be where employers learn that their top candidates have accepted another offer. When you find the right person, be sure that you do everything possible to move quickly. To start, be sure that you clear some red tape ahead of time by understanding:

  • Your maximum budget
  • Your flexibility in benefits offerings
  • Additional perks you are able to offer
  • All standard policies and procedures

Additionally, be sure that you do not overextend the negotiation process. Remember, this candidate could have multiple offers on the table, and they are not likely to go with the employer who is attempting to short-change them. As a result, make your best offer up front to show that you understand the candidate’s value. This gives you the best chance to secure the final deal.


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