October 09, 2018 | 5 min read
How To Leverage Social Media For Employer Branding


As more tech savvy professionals continue to enter the workforce, companies are learning that even a competitive job offer might not be enough to secure top talent. Today’s professionals aren’t only interested in salary and benefits alone — they’re also looking to work for a company with an active online presence and an employer brand that speaks to them.

Because of this, companies are building employer branding strategies in an effort to entice job seekers to work for their company. While potential hires can get an idea of your employer brand through your company website, not using social media in this endeavor can be a critical mistake! In fact, failing to do so can ultimately cause you to lose out on top talent.

Here are four ways you can leverage your company’s social media profiles for your employer branding:

Establish your voice

Before you start putting together the pieces that will help you build your employer brand, it’s important to decide on how you want to come across. Your tone will likely be dependent on the company’s industry, but the one thing all brands should strive for is authenticity. Employees are looking for companies that are transparent, so don’t be afraid to lean into a more personable and relaxed style of communicating through your social media platforms!

Emphasize visual storytelling

When it comes to employer branding on social media, using the “show, don’t tell” strategy may be what gives you the most success. Reading about your company can help a potential employee learn about your employer brand, but using social media to post pictures and videos to highlight your company’s culture can lead them to accept your job offer. Additionally, media posts tend to perform best on social media sites, so utilizing these posts can give you more brand recognition over time.

Have your employees serve as brand ambassadors

Establishing employer branding initiatives through your current employees’ social media can build a level of authenticity that can set you apart from other employers. Some popular initiatives that companies use include company-specific hashtags and employee takeovers of company social media accounts. Encouraging employees to participate in your employer branding efforts can ultimately lead to a deeper talent pool to choose from the next time your company is hiring!

Monitor reviews

One very important thing to remember about employer branding is that you aren’t completely in control of it. Social media sites like Facebook and Glassdoor allow users to write reviews about their experience with the company. This means that being aware of how people see and talk about the company is just as important as how it portrays itself. When reviews appear, being responsive to both compliments and concerns shows potential hires that you’re invested in people’s experiences with the company. Additionally, it shows your commitment to how your company can serve its clients and customers.

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