Do you specialize in any particular areas?

We place professionals within contract and full-time roles across the following specialty areas:

How does Tandym Group differ from a job board?

A job board is a site that passively connects job seekers with employers. While an employer posts an ad and waits for resumes to come in, job seekers apply to jobs that are relevant to them – having to compete with hundreds of other submissions.

Tandym Group, on the other hand, can provide you with a more proactive approach to finding your next opportunity. Employers contact us directly and request our help to find the right person for a role within their firm. Based on the information we gather, we may post an ad on their behalf to source new candidates for the role, or reach out to our pipeline of candidates who may not have applied to the role on their own, but would be a good fit.

This gives job seekers several advantages over a job board. First, every resume we receive is reviewed and evaluated to determine whether the individual’s skills would be a good match for any of our available positions. This gives you the opportunity to have your talents considered not just for the job for which you are applying, but for the hundreds of other jobs we are working to fill – ultimately giving you more opportunities to choose from. Should you be a match for any of our positions, a recruiter will guide you through the entire hiring process. From interview prep to helping you transition into a new role, they’ll be there for every step of the way!

Are your jobs real?

Absolutely. Every day, we publish new opportunities and remove any jobs that have been filled – ensuring all the jobs you see on our site are 100% legitimate.

Do you offer remote jobs?

Yes! We understand the workplace is evolving and so are the needs and expectations of employees. Many of our clients throughout the U.S. are hiring for roles that are either fully or partially remote and we are also conducting remote interviews.

Does Tandym comply with local laws?

To the extent applicable to recruitment and hiring of job candidates considered for positions located in New York City, Tandym complies with the requirements of the New York City Pay Equality law; NYC Administrative Code Section 8-107(25). Accordingly, in compliance with this law, for New York City job candidates, Tandym does not and cannot request salary and benefit history from job candidates.

Additionally, we comply with the California 2021 COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave law as well as the No Surprises Act concerning healthcare cost transparency.

What kind of contract or temporary jobs do you offer?

To help the job seekers we partner with search for a job that works for their lifestyle, we offer flexible temporary placement services. These include short-term, long-term, per diem, consulting, project-based, freelance, and temporary-to-full-time assignments.

Short-Term, Finite-Length assignments: From 1 day to several months in duration.

Open-ended/Long-Term assignments: Usually last for several months or more, and sometimes result in full-time employment.

Consulting/Project-Based/Freelance assignments: Work as an independent contractor for a specified period of time or for a given contract.

Per Diem assignments: Work on short notice, as often as you would like.

Temporary-to-Full-Time assignments: Serve as “working” interviews that may lead to full-time employment if there is a good fit between the candidate and the employer.

To learn about the benefits of working as a contractor through Tandym Group, check them out, here.

Does Tandym have exclusive jobs?

Yes, we have many opportunities that you won’t see on job boards, or find through other recruiting firms and corporate websites.

The best way to ensure that you are considered for all of our opportunities, including these exclusive searches, is to submit your resume. Once we have your resume, we will evaluate your skills against all of our available positions and contact you if we think you might be a match.

Why should I submit my resume or apply to a job?

Increasing your chances of finding a good match: Once your resume is in our database, we can evaluate your skills and background against many jobs – not just the one job you may have applied to on our website. This increases your chances of being connected with an opportunity that you may have not been aware of, but you would be a good fit for.

Ensuring you are considered for exclusive opportunities: We have many jobs that are exclusive to our firm and may not be found online. By submitting your resume, you can ensure that you are considered for these unique opportunities.

Finding the right fit for you: Our recruiters are industry-specific specialists who have personal knowledge of our clients’ preferences regarding a candidate’s background, skills, and personality. By getting to know who you are and what you are looking for in your next opportunity, we will only connect you with the companies that are the right fit for you and your long-term career goals.

Receiving personalized advice: Our recruiters can provide you with feedback on your resume, interview performance, and other job search best practices to ensure you have the tools you need to find success at the end of the process. You can see some of this insight on our blog.

What happens when I submit my resume?
  1. After you submit your resume online, we evaluate your background and skills against all the opportunities we have available in your field – including the job(s) you applied for.
  2. If your background and skills are deemed a potential match for one or more jobs, a recruiter will contact you to set up a preliminary phone screen to assess your interest in the role and whether you would be a good fit for the client.
  3. If you are interested in the position and your background and qualifications appear to be a good fit, you will have an interview interview with the recruiter, either via video technology or in-person. During this interview, your recruiter will learn more about you by discussing your career goals and conducting a more thorough skills assessment.
  4. Based upon this meeting, we may set you up for an interview with the company. To help set you up for success, your recruiter will walk you through the entire process from interview best practices to salary negotiation.
How quickly will I be sent out on interviews?

After we determine you are a fit for a role, we will first contact you for an initial meeting where your recruiter will assess your background and get to know you better. Based on this first meeting, your recruiter will start setting you up with interviews for jobs that match your background. Depending on the position and client, timing can vary.

I’ve submitted my resume several times, but have never heard back. Why?

If you have never received a response from us, it is most likely because we do not have a job that matches your background. If that changes, we will be in touch!