October 07, 2020 | 5 min read
How To Welcome A New Temporary Employee To Your Team


The most forward-thinking companies are continuously looking for ways to adapt to the latest trends when it comes to attracting and engaging with talent. One workplace trend that has gained speed in recent years is the hiring of contract and freelance talent. Whether brought in for a short-term or long-term assignment, hiring a temporary employee is a great way for companies to pay for talent only when they need it, ease the burden off of full-time staff, and evaluate fit before committing resources to a full-time hire. Read also: Should You Hire Temporary Consultants? 5 Questions To Ask 

While these new employees might only be with you for a short time, it’s important that they have just as positive of an experience as your full-time staff. Not only does this mean treating them as valued employees, but also ensuring they have a welcome introduction to their team. Here are five ways to create a foundation of success when you hire a new temporary employee for your team:

Play an active part in their onboarding process

If you’ve recently added a temporary employee to your team, you’ll want to make a good impression by playing an active role in their onboarding process. Since coming into an established team as a temporary employee can be intimidating, it’s up to you as the manager to make sure your new hire feels comfortable, confident, and ready to hit the ground running on day one. Before their first day, you’ll want to ensure they have a good idea of the company’s culture and what your expectations of them will be. Read also: The Key To Retention? A Thorough Onboarding Strategy

Ensure their technology is set up properly

Ensuring that your new hire’s technology is set up and working properly should be among your top priorities. This includes having their work email set up, including them in team communications via messaging apps like Slack, and giving them access to your company’s VPN/VDI platforms. If you neglect to properly set-up their tech ahead of time, you’ll likely impede their ability to jump into work quickly, which could prevent them from assimilating to your team as quickly as you want them to!

Make personal introductions to the team

Meeting new colleagues can be a challenge for many, but it can prove especially challenging for a temporary employee. If the new hire is remote, this creates an added level of difficulty. As the team leader, it’s up to you to ensure your new temporary employee feels welcomed and accepted on day one. To do this, take time out of the morning on their first day to personally introduce them to their team. You can also set up an hour during that day for a team lunch (either in-person or over video chat) so everyone can get to know one another.

Check-in with them regularly

Even though they may not be working for you for a long period of time, you still want to show that you’re invested in your new hire! One way to do this is by scheduling regular check-ins with them over the course of their employment. Use this time to talk to them about how their work is going, what kind of obstacles they’re running into, and what you can do to help them accomplish their work. Doing this will help a temporary employee feel valued as part of the team, and it will help you as a manager get a clear picture of how well your new hire is settling into the role!

Include them in team-building activities

Many companies right now need to think outside of the box when it comes to team-building activities, especially when team happy hours and lunches cannot happen in-person. With a temporary employee on your team, it’s important to include them in these types of activities. Even though they are likely talking with your team throughout the course of the day, it’s important to set time aside for them to get to know the team in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Read also: 6 Virtual Team Building Activities To Boost Morale

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