May 31, 2023 | 3 min read
SAP Sapphire Highlights: What Businesses Should Know


Recently members of our Tandym Tech team attended SAP Sapphire—where attendees from all over the world gathered to learn about innovative cloud solutions for their businesses. Throughout this two-day event, our team heard from inspiring speakers and gained knowledge about new product offerings that can help businesses further integrate their workplace ecosystems across all functions. Here are key highlights from the SAP Sapphire conference:

SAP & Microsoft

We heard from the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella and the CEO of SAP, Christian Klein, about bringing forth a collaborative cloud experience by marrying SAP’s solutions with Microsoft 365 and Azure. All SAP apps that integrate with Microsoft, including SAP’s HR solution, SuccessFactors, will have AI elements embedded within them to make all aspects of work more efficient.

SAP & Google Cloud

The CEO of Google Cloud, Thomas Kurian, spoke about the success of RISE with SAP and an enhanced SAP partnership to accelerate cloud migrations of SAP and non-SAP ERP data and processes with less risk. “With the Microsoft and Google partnerships, it will be easier for companies to fully integrate SAP into their current environments without having to change what they’re already using” says Jacklyn Vazquez, Sr. Director of Tandym Tech.

Solutions that tailor to different company sizes

RISE with SAP is tailored to the enterprise, but now, medium-sized businesses who want to be on the public cloud can take advantage of GROW with SAP as their cloud ERP solution. GROW with SAP offers many benefits for smaller companies to innovate faster and be more agile. “This creates more opportunities for companies of a smaller scale to invest in SAP’s products,” says Jacklyn.

The Public Cloud

The public cloud is low cost, efficient, and easily scalable—so there is no surprise that there is a big push for public over private. Both GROW with SAP and RISE with SAP are solutions hosted on the public cloud, so all customers can share the same cloud and benefits.

What this means for businesses?

“Our clients have a tremendous opportunity to implement SAP into their current ecosystems, which will create more jobs and training for those who want to learn SAP,” says Jacklyn.

When integrating your current workplace ecosystem with SAP, it’s important to work with a partner who has deep SAP knowledge and understands the complexities of your businesses.

The Tandym Tech team is comprised of consultants who are deeply embedded in the SAP market—staying up to date with changes as they occur. As a national SAP talent provider with access to thousands of SAP experts, we have a network of professionals that can deliver at every stage of the SAP lifecycle, on all SAP products, across multiple sectors.

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