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March 20, 2023 | 5 min read
Is A Flexible Staffing Model The Answer To Your Data Center Hiring Needs?


A flexible staffing model is a workforce strategy that allows companies to quickly adjust their staffing levels by tapping into contract/temporary talent.

For data centers, this strategy is proven to be advantageous for hiring decision makers willing to adopt it. Due to their dynamic nature, data centers need to be able to quickly adapt to technological changes and business fluctuations. By implementing a flexible staffing model, data centers can ensure that they have the right resources in place to meet current operational demands while maintaining agility and flexibility to respond to future changes. A flexible staffing model can provide several benefits to data centers, including:


Depending on their size, complexity, and workload, data centers have unique staffing needs. With a flexible staffing model, data centers can easily scale their workforce as needed, without incurring the costs and administrative burden of hiring, onboarding, and managing full-time employees. “We’ve seen our data center partners suddenly require 20 to 30 percent more staff to stabilize their facility—and that’s where we’ve come in and quickly curated a team for them,” says Niki Kurtz, Managing Director of Tandym Tech. “The flexibility to easily expand and contract as the business evolves helps data centers meet their demands.”

Cost savings

Hiring full-time employees can be expensive, especially for data centers with limited budgets. A flexible staffing model allows data centers to access skilled professionals on a project or temporary basis, reducing labor costs and avoiding the expenses associated with benefits, and other employee-related costs.

Access to specialized talent

Data centers often require specialized skills and knowledge that may not be available in-house or that may be challenging to source. A flexible staffing model enables data centers to access a wider pool of contract talent with specific expertise, including data center operations, builds and design, critical facility support, security operations, engineering, and maintenance. “Niche data center skillsets aren’t easily found, and we’ve seen our partners struggle to locate the qualified talent they need in this market,” says Ashley Moran, Sr. Account Manager at Tandym Tech. “This is why pipelining is so important for our clients. We spend years building long-term relationships with data center professionals so we can provide critical facilities with the necessary resources.”


In today’s fast-paced digital environment, data centers must be agile and responsive to changing business needs. A flexible staffing model allows data centers to quickly adapt to new technologies, projects, and initiatives, without the constraints of a rigid workforce.

Reduced risk

Data centers are highly regulated and subject to stringent compliance requirements. A flexible staffing model can help reduce risk by providing access to experienced professionals who understand evolving regulations and can help ensure compliance. “Our partners have come to us because they are struggling to get skilled talent in the door fast enough to meet critical facility demands,” says Corin Best, Vice President of Tandym Tech. “Since our team has a pipeline of skilled candidates, we’ve been able to source and hire reliable 24/7 support quickly to ensure there are never any gaps in service and customers are not at risk.”

Get started with a flexible staffing model

Typically, if a data center does not have the in-house resources to strategically manage the hiring, tracking, and evaluation processes, they will partner with a staffing or consulting company who specializes in flexible staffing and contract hiring for data centers. Data center recruiting specialists are skilled in sourcing and screening specialized talent, and can offer their expertise and industry guidance when you need it.

Looking for data center hiring expertise? Contact our data center hiring team to discuss your flexible staffing needs.

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