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September 22, 2020 | 5 min read
Looking For Your Next IT Job? 3 Hot Areas For Hiring


If you are interested in finding a new IT job, you might be wondering if now is the right time to embark on your search. Factors such as the pandemic, rising unemployment, and uncertainty about the future may be holding you back. While it’s true that the job market looks very different than it did in the beginning of the year, finding an IT job right now isn’t impossible. You just need to know where to look!

“The pandemic has impacted organizations across the tech sector in different ways,” explains Mike Potenza, Vice President of ES Technology, a division of The Execu|Search Group. “While some may have had to pull back on hiring, others have been able to create new jobs and are enthusiastically looking to bring talent on board. This means that now is still a great time to land a new job! It’s just about identifying the opportunities that provide the most security and room for growth.”

Looking for your next IT job? Here are 3 hot areas for hiring:

Quality Assurance

Since technology is a field that prioritizes innovation, there will always be a strong emphasis on quality assurance as new products and software services are brought to market. “With so many new systems in development, companies are always going to need tech professionals well versed in quality assurance,” says Mike.  “If you don’t have a background in this field, consider developing skills in automated testing programs like Appium and Selenium. Additionally, building proficiency in mobile and web testing will help boost your chances of finding an IT job fairly quickly.”

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Front End Development

As companies constantly look for ways to improve the user experience for their customers, they’ll need Front End Developers who can come in with fresh ideas to engage with users. Fortunately, since the desire to create a best-in-class user experience is so high, so too is the demand for professionals who have these skills. “There are currently a lot of opportunities for Front End Developers, whether you are in the early stages of your career or have several years of experience under your belt,” says Mike. “If you’re someone who has the initiative to keep up with the latest industry trends, you should be able to quickly find a role  that is aligned with your needs and career goals.”

Since there are so many programs used in web development, tech professionals should pay close attention to current industry trends, as well as what requirements companies are looking for in their job descriptions. “Right now, React and Node are some of the most popular tools for Front End Developers, so strengthening your expertise in these programs will give you a leg up against your competition,” says Mike.

Full Stack Development

While there is a considerable demand for Front End Developers, there is also a demand for IT professionals who have mastery of both the front- and back-end and can fill Full Stack Development roles. “Any tech professional who comes in and says they’re capable of working on both the front- and back-end is going to get noticed by an employer,” says Mike. “If you are able to prove you’re knowledgeable in both areas of development, you’ll have a better chance of finding an IT job.” If you’re considering a career in Full Stack Development, you’ll want to focus on coding skills, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as building your proficiency in server-side and database-related technologies and frameworks.”

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