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March 08, 2023 | 5 min read
Team Spotlight: Leaders Of The Women’s Network

Each March, the United States celebrates Women’s History Month. During this time, the country comes together to commemorate and encourage the study, observance, and celebration of the vital role of women in American history. Here at Tandym Group, women make up nearly 70% of our staff, and we see the vital role they play at our company every day. We recently spoke to the leaders of our Women’s Network and asked them how women at Tandym make an impact, both here at the company and in the community:

Why is Tandym such a special place for women to work?

Lisa Carver (Vice President, Professional Services): Tandym is such a special place for women to work because there are so many women in leadership positions who have a voice and make an impact. With the Women’s Network, we’re able to come together to collaborate and mentor other women—building trust, mutual support, and a culture of empowerment and career growth.

Jaclyn Statile (Talent Sourcer, Corporate HR): Our company is comprised of more women than men, and that alone is so special. It’s amazing to consistently see women here at the top of leaderboards and in senior leadership roles.

What made you join the Women’s Network?

Cheri Erhlich-Eisen (Executive Vice President, Professional Services): As a senior leader, I was naturally moved to join the Women’s Network so we can continue to raise awareness about key issues for women in the workplace and hold events that move all women forward in their careers.

Katie Niekrash (Senior Vice President, Health): My cofounders and I started the Women’s Network because we wanted to foster an environment where women across all departments and verticals can get to know and support each other in different ways. Historically within the workplace, women have felt pitted against each other or like there isn’t room at certain tables for all of us. However, when we’ve all come together to work toward our shared goals, we see that this isn’t the case. A rising tide lifts all boats, so let’s do this together!

I also feel really good about the charitable aspect of the Women’s Network, as that is half of our mission statement. We make it a point to give back to various nonprofits throughout the year.

What kind of impact does the women’s network have at Tandym, and in the larger community?

Lisa: The Women’s Network has had a significant impact on Tandym. Bringing in outside partners and experts to speak on various topics such as health & wellness, financial security, and self-defense (just to name a few) has been very informative to our employees and has been instrumental in their decision-making outside of the company. In the community, we’ve made a huge impact by helping various organizations such as The Grace Institute, Dress for Success, United Way Women, and Habitat for Humanity Women’s Build. Together, we’ve raised a ton of money and we have helped many people at these organizations with their interviewing skills, resumes, and self-confidence.

Melanie Eisenberg (Managing Director, Professional Services): Being a member of the Women’s Network is a great way for newer employees, as well as more junior members, to network internally and get to know senior leaders that they may not have otherwise met.

What’s your favorite Women’s Network event?

Lisa: My favorite event is our annual holiday drive, since it feels so good to give back to a different organization every year. This past year, we purchased gifts for kids with cancer. We all came together in the café to wrap gifts and write personalized cards for the kids. It was also a great team bonding experience!

Katie: Hands-down, our holiday gift drive. Everyone is so generous and I’m always blown away by what we are able to do for women and children in need. We also have a lot of fun wrapping the gifts together. It’s such a festive time!

Who are some of your women role models?

Cheri: In my last company, I worked for an incredible CHRO. Her name was Sara Fuelner and she had a tremendous impact on my career and my life. She is someone I will always admire.

Jaclyn: This might sound cliché, but my mom has always been my biggest female role model—especially now that I am a working mom. There’s a lot that goes into managing a full-time workload and balancing it with my family’s needs!

Who’s the leading lady of your daily work playlists?

Lisa: Adele.

Cheri: Kelly Clarkson.

Katie: I recently rediscovered some old school Queen Latifah and listened to U.N.I.T.Y on the train this morning. She was such a trailblazer.

Jaclyn: Dua Lipa, with Rihanna as a close second.

Melanie: Camila Cabello.

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