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April 13, 2023 | 5 min read
The Landscape Of Marketing & Creative Hiring: How Employers Can Adapt


Over the years, Tandym Pro has been recruiting top talent in the marketing, design and creative space for some of the nation’s largest retailers, media groups, and entertainment agencies. As we take a refreshed approach to recruitment in marketing and creative fields, we’re here to guide employers through today’s hiring trends in the marketing and creative industries.

“Whether you’re looking for a Brand Strategist, a Content Creator, or a UX Designer, your ability to understand the current trends in these professions can help you better attract and retain top creative talent,” explains Victoria Hanson, Director at Tandym Pro. “That’s why we spend so much time with each of our hiring partners, educating each employer on the nuances in their industry and how they should navigate creative hiring.”

Keeping up with trends

With our finger on the pulse, our specialized recruitment teams at Tandym Pro are aware that creative-type roles are constantly evolving, and skillsets are shifting. According to Forbes, there is a greater focus on customer experience, now more than ever. “With customer experience in the spotlight today, employers are constantly facing a new creative challenge,” warns Victoria. “Inherent in that is a responsibility to keep up with the way products and services are being showcased and delivered to their target audience.”

The impact of AI

“One of the biggest influences on our present-day creative landscape is artificial intelligence (AI),” says Victoria. “It has impacted nearly every role in marketing, digital and creative spaces.” As we consider the recent popularity of AI chatbot ChatGPT, we can see its direct impact on copywriting roles, for example. With ChatGPT helping copywriters generate written content in a matter of seconds, it is changing how creatives traditionally operate. “We’re witnessing a transformation in process where the role of a copywriter may be completely different very soon,” explains Victoria. “As experts in this industry, our job is to help employers understand how this is changing—as it is happening.”

Our network

Beyond the scope of entertainment, creative and digital agencies, Tandym partners with companies in various industries to find them the marketing and creative talent they seek. These include (but are not limited to): healthcare, technology, financial institutions, and life sciences. “Creative and marketing talent is necessary for every strong brand to build awareness, strengthen loyalty, drive engagement, and increase ROI,” explains Victoria. “That is why we aim to match our highly skilled marketing and creative professionals both on a skillset and cultural fit for companies—whether it be through freelance, direct hire or contract-to-hire opportunities.”

Scaling your creative needs with freelance hiring

When it comes to project-based tasks or ad-hoc creative needs, it makes sense to evaluate if freelance hiring is right for your organization. Consider adding a freelancer to your team when you are faced with time-sensitive, one-off, or long-term projects. This allows you to bring in someone with the right skills to get the work done, without adding to your headcount. The beauty of freelance hiring is seeing how well these talented people work within your organization, allowing you to consider offering them a full-time position on your team.

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