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May 16, 2019 | 5 min read
Feeling Resistant To Temp Work? Here’s Why Admins Should Reconsider


In today’s candidate-driven job market, administrative professionals have their pick of job opportunities to pursue. While many admins may only have eyes for full-time roles, it’s important to keep an open mind about other opportunities that can present themselves. For example, employers are increasingly hiring on a temp basis due to the flexibility it affords. Despite this trend, some admins are hesitant to take on these roles.

“Many admins tell us they don’t want to pursue temp work because they’re worried it can have a negative impact on their career,” says Britney Acquaire, a Senior Staffing Manager in The Execu|Search Group’s Office Support & Human Resources divisions. “What many of them don’t realize, however, is that the perception of temp work has evolved over the years. What might have once been considered a last resort now actually involves a broad scope of complex, project-based work. As a result, a temporary assignment can actually serve as a major stepping stone for your career.”

If you are still a little apprehensive about pursuing temp work, here are four reasons why you might want to reconsider:

Helps you gain industry experience and knowledge

For many admins, working in an industry they’re passionate about is a top priority. While you may think that transferable skills are enough to land you a job, the reality is that not having any industry experience can make it very difficult to accomplish this. “Most companies today are looking for admins who not only have strong technical skills, but who also possess in-depth industry knowledge,” explains Britney. “Since jumping from one industry to another can be challenging, pursuing temp work in the new field can help you get your foot in the door. Not only can you build the skills you need to make a successful transition, but you might even land a full-time position in the process.”

Keeps your skills fresh

Whether you’re struggling to find a full-time opportunity or looking for new learning opportunities, temp work is a great way to keep your technical skills up-to-date. “If you’re in between jobs, for example, taking on a temporary opportunity is a great way to ensure you’re keeping your skills sharp,” advises Britney. “In this scenario, taking on temp work is definitely more preferable than having large gaps on your resume. This way, an employer will feel more confident that you have the skills you need to successfully transition into the role.”

However, it isn’t just technical skills you should be focused on maintaining. Since admin work includes interacting with many different people during the day, keeping your soft skills fresh is important as well. By keeping your soft and technical skills fresh, a hiring manager will likely be more inclined to make you a job offer!

Makes you more marketable

Many job seekers often mistake temp work for being the same as job-hopping, which they worry will ultimately makes them a less attractive candidate. However, most of today’s employers are open to hiring someone currently working in a temporary role. “Temporary work can actually make you more marketable in the long-run,” Britney explains. “Since different employers utilize different software and processes, pursuing temporary roles is a great way to demonstrate that you’re able to learn a variety of new products and programs quickly. It can also help ensure your skillset is always up-to-date with the latest industry trends.”

Eases the transition into a new role

Transitioning into a new role can be challenging. However, having temp work on your resume can give you an advantage you may not have thought about. “When an employer sees someone with temp work on their resume, they see someone who has extensive experience dealing with many different types of personalities and requests,” says Britney. “Because of this, employers will likely feel more confident about your ability to come into the company and hit the ground running once you start.”

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