January 23, 2018 | 5 min read
Admins: How To Display Confidence During A Job Interview


As an administrative professional, you’re likely aware of what it takes for you to be successful. As the person whom people at your company rely on to ensure logistical tasks are completed and daily schedules run smoothly, you need a high level of knowledge and skill to carry out the demands of the role. However, the secret to being an exceptional administrative professional doesn’t lie solely with your skill level.

“Most, if not all, office support professionals have a very similar set of skills, so it’s important to separate yourself from everyone else by establishing your confidence during an interview,” says Kaitlyn Doyle, an Associate in the Execu|Search Group’s Office Support & Human Resources division. “By doing so, you make it clear to the hiring manager that you have the potential to become an indispensable member of their company.”

In order to display confidence during a job interview, be sure to keep these 5 things in mind:

Dress the part

Since how you present yourself often has a direct correlation to your confidence levels, you’ll want to have an outfit you feel comfortable and confident in. Additionally, it’s a good idea to make sure your outfit is tailored to the dress code the company adheres to. If you forget to ask or the hiring manager doesn’t tell you what type of business attire you should arrive in, you can often get a good sense of how other employees dress by visiting the company’s website or their social media accounts.

Do your company research

As an administrative professional, having an in-depth understanding of the company will be crucial to your success in the role. However, it’s also a proven way to demonstrate your confidence during an interview! “Employers love seeing someone who has a grasp on how daily operations within the company work,” says Kaitlyn. “In their eyes, this type of confidence indicates that you can be relied on because you’re strong in your knowledge of company best practices.”

Act beyond the interview

You may think that you only need to be on your ‘A’ game during the interview , but as an administrative professional, you’ll need to be attentive the moment you walk in. “Since administrative roles involve constant interaction, you should act under the assumption that everyone from reception to the interviewer is evaluating you,” explains Kaitlyn. “In order to demonstrate to everyone who may be observing you that you’re confident and self-assured, sit with good posture, don’t get distracted by your phone or other technology, and speak with an assertive tone.”

Emphasize your strengths

While you may have a similar set of skills to other candidates who are interviewing for the same position as you, there is a chance they may have more experience in a particular program that makes them a more attractive candidate. This may seem tough to overcome, but you can win a hiring manager over by emphasizing your personal strengths whether you’re an exceptional problem-solver or you’re an Excel wizard, you can find confidence in discussing matters where you feel you have more expertise. By demonstrating your knowledge in other areas, the hiring manager may overlook the fact that you’re not as experienced because you’re that confident in your abilities.

Don’t be afraid to express some ego

“As an administrative professional, employers are looking for someone who is confident, energetic and comfortable handling any task,” explains Kaitlyn. “That’s why, when you are interviewing for a position, you want to show a little bit of an ego in regards to your abilities and potential as an employee.” While you don’t want to come off as arrogant, being able to relate how your past work experiences will help you seamlessly transition into a new role demonstrates confidence in being able to do the job.

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