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August 29, 2022 | 5 min read
Tips To Understand Your Value In The Accounting Job Market


Despite rumors of an economic decline, companies are still hiring. This is especially true for the accounting and finance industry—one known for its stability during times of economic crisis. “Accounting and finance professionals are key players within an organization to help companies navigate through choppy waters – whether it’s managing cash flows, controlling expenses, or strategic plans to increase revenue,” says Mike Ruben, Senior Managing Director of Tandym Pro. “Because of that, their skillset is necessary for organizations during times of change.”

While there are mixed signals about a looming recession, we do know that the accounting job market is showing no signs of slowing down. “Now is a great time for accountants to make a move,” says Mike. “Unemployment is low, demand is high, and offers are competitive. I It’s time to strike as you don’t want to wait for the market to cool off to make a change.” If you’re looking for your next role, you might be considering what your worth is in this type of market. Here are three tips to help:

Stay up-to-date on industry trends

“As trends are evolving so rapidly, hearing directly from someone in similar shoes can help you better gauge where you stand in the accounting job market,” advises Mike. If you’re considering moving on, ask people in your network who recently made job changes what types of offers they were seeing, or if your expectations seem realistic. If you don’t feel comfortable directly reaching out to someone, you can do your own research on relevant salary data websites such as Glassdoor.

Utilize job boards

Scrolling through job boards like LinkedIn can also help you understand what salary ranges are being offered for roles that you’re interested in. “Run basic title and location searches for jobs you’d be qualified for,” says Mike. “You can view the salary ranges published and see how they align with your current salary and future expectations.” Even if you aren’t looking to move on from your current role, it doesn’t hurt to explore job boards from time to time to ensure you know your worth.

Work with a recruiter

Working with a recruiter is another great way to stay up to date on hiring trends happening in your industry. Their relationships with hiring managers make recruiters a knowledgeable resource to have in your corner. “The key is to find a recruiter who is an expert in your specific field,” explains Mike. “Ask them what types of packages they’re seeing accounting candidates earn with comparable skill sets, and don’t be afraid to share your current compensation (you may be doing better than you think).”

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