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May 08, 2023 | 5 min read
Is Public Accounting Worth It? 4 Reasons To Stay

With the busy season burnout behind us, public accountants may be contemplating a career move. Some may even be asking the big question, “Is public accounting worth it?” While some professionals are in search of a much different opportunity in private industry, others are considering office culture and compensation as a driver for their move. As public accounting has evolved to be more on-board with flexible scheduling and remote work, professionals are more inclined to stay within the space. If your search is driven by company culture or the desire to work in more appealing industries, you may want to stick with public accounting while searching for your next role. Here are four benefits:

Job security

When asking yourself is public accounting is worth it, know that public accountants are in high demand, especially those with tax and audit backgrounds. Staying within the public space will increase your job security as public accounting firms are in need of talent and are willing to make very competitive offers to find and retain their best people.

Increased flexibility

While public accounting traditionally was less flexible in terms of remote work and other scheduling options, that has since changed. More firms are planning for remote options in a post-pandemic world, and understand the value of offering such flexibility when it comes to retaining talent. In terms of your next move, there will be many opportunities that offer flexibility in public accounting, which can help mitigate some of the stressors that are present during times like busy season. When asking yourself is public accounting worth it, know that beyond busy season, this increased flexibility allows for a better work-life balance throughout the year.

Competitive compensation

Since public accountants are revenue producers, there are ample opportunities for salary growth and competitive compensation packages. The range of experience you gain working in different industries can also help advance your career trajectory at a faster pace and increase your earning potential over time.

Growth opportunities

Public accounting offers many opportunities for growth, allowing you to explore different areas across the accounting field as you build your career. The longer you stay within the space, the more leverage you’ll gain when it comes to compensation and future career opportunities. Given the client relationship aspect of the job, you’ll also have opportunities to travel to client offices for work or for meetings—allowing you to switch up your working environment from time-to-time.

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