April 11, 2023 | 5 min read
How To Mitigate Risk & Increase Agility With A Contingent Staffing Strategy In Life Sciences


In the life sciences industry, your resource plan can truly impact your ability to keep product and clinical programs on track. “Throughout the stages of drug development—and ultimate commercialization—the ability to quickly flex staffing up and down where and when needed can enhance your overall success,” says Lynda Parker, Executive Vice President of Tandym Life Sciences.

As Lynda explains, “Your workforce ecosystem includes full-time employees, but to strategically navigate each step of your product lifecycle, it requires a variety of project-based resources, consultants, and contractors who can offer expertise, execute on deliverables, and come in and out of the project as-needed.” When you utilize a flexible hiring model, you can decrease your risk of over-hiring and gain access to top talent in the life sciences field:

Access to highly skilled consultants

When you expand your hiring strategy to include project-based and contingent resources, keep in mind that contractors and consultants often bring years of experience and deep expertise in their field. “Some of the best talent in pharma and biotech operate as full-time consultants,” says Lynda. “Their job is to come in and offer their expertise based on years of experience working with different organizations. As a result, the skills they bring to the table can accelerate your success.”
Additionally, leaning on these experts can boost the productivity of your organization. “Not only are consultants in life sciences extremely skilled, but they are results oriented as well,” says Lynda. “With a contingent workforce, you really can hit the ground running and ensure that you keep strategic projects and clinical programs on track.”

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Reduced risk

Hiring full-time employees can come with inherent risks. In the fast-paced pharma/biotech industry, however, that financial risk can feel even more precarious. “In the life sciences industry, we typically see value in using outsourced resources to support a project that has a very specific goal or where support is required for a finite period of time,” says Lynda.

Building your contingent workforce

By implementing the right skillset for the right period of time, organizations are able to better define their full-time needs. “When you are able to precisely manage your hiring, the impact of each of these roles on your success will become apparent,” explains Lynda. “Another way to look at project-based resources is with a contract-to-hire strategy. When each hire is critical, giving employees a trial period before you commit to a full-time hire can be a winning approach. This can help ensure that you’ve assessed the need for each role and assembled the best team.”
“At Tandym, we work closely with our clients to understand their organization, their staffing plans, and their challenges,” says Lynda. “The focus of a true staffing partnership is to bring the right solutions, at the right time. We are passionate about what we do, and our driving force is to be the best partner for our clients and the patients they serve. As a guide throughout your journey, we remain dedicated to your ultimate mission to create life-changing medicines for patients who need them.”


About Lynda Parker

Lynda brings over 25 years of pharmaceutical industry experience to Tandym Group, including 20 years of senior-level leadership in commercial strategy, business development, account management, and operations. She has deep experience across the pharma/biotech industry, having held executive leadership roles both on the manufacturer side of the business as well as various service providers. Lynda is passionate about working with life sciences clients to understand their challenges and build solutions to meet their needs for the benefit of the patients they serve.

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