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October 06, 2022 | 5 min read
5 Benefits Of Working With A Recruiter


Finding a new job isn’t always a straight-forward process. Even in the strongest of job markets, it can sometimes be frustrating and stressful. At times, it may even feel lonely. This can lead you to start losing your motivation and become more passive about pursuing new opportunities. This is when working with a recruiter and staffing firm in your search can be especially helpful. They are proactive, can provide a fresh perspective, and most importantly, be a sounding board as you navigate such a big life change. Here are 5 benefits of working with a recruiter!

New connections

When you partner with a recruiter, you’ll have a leg up on your competition because you are getting access to the inside track. Most recruiters have long-standing relationships with hiring managers and HR representatives at companies across their specialized industries. Working with a recruiter helps give you a direct connection to an opportunity that might’ve been out of reach if you had applied on your own. Taking advantage of these established, professional relationships can help you bypass applicant tracking systems and bring your resume to the top of the pile.

Access to the hidden job market

Another great benefit that comes with working with a recruiter: inside information. If a position at a company you might be interested in was just filled, but they have a similar need under a different job title or in a different department, your recruiter might have access to that valuable knowledge. In addition to having connections at top companies, recruiters are often privy to job opportunities that haven’t gone public yet. This means they can help get your resume in the hands of the right people at the right time, helping you bypass an online application process altogether.

Opportunities to change industries

Going from one industry to a completely different one on your own can be tough. Most would likely avoid it out of lack of knowledge of understanding of the role or industry. However, a dream opportunity could be waiting for you, and you might not even know it. This is another great reason to work with a recruiter! With clients across many industries, a recruiter can help guide you through what can be an overwhelming process.

Valuable (and free) career coaching

Having an industry-related subject matter expert at your service (and free of charge) may seem like it’s too good to be true. It’s not. Recruiters are constantly vigilant of industry trends, workforce needs, and all things related to the job search. Working with a recruiter allows you to take an “active backseat” to your job search as they guide you throughout the entire process. They’re efficient, knowledgeable, and available to you whenever you’re ready to take an educated, calculated leap. Even if you are not actively job searching, they can be a great resource to have in your corner! From setting salary expectations to learning about market trends, a strong recruiter will be there for you at all stages of your career.

Success for all

A great recruiter doesn’t fill positions for short-term gain—they help match professionals and companies for a valuable, long-term relationship. In other words, their success is directly linked with yours. They are rooting for you, and they want you to win. This means they will take the time to listen, understand your needs, and provide valuable feedback. This will help ensure they are presenting you with the right opportunities and you are prepared to make a great impression on a prospective employer. At the end of the day, you are on this job search together and working with a recruiter throughout this journey is the best companion to have!

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