January 30, 2019 | 5 min read
5 Signs You’re Ready For A Promotion At Work


As you look ahead this year, one of your target objectives may be putting yourself in line for a promotion at work. While there are a few simple ways to show your manager that you are aiming for a promotion, how do you know if you are truly ready for the increased responsibilities and higher expectations of a new role?

If you’re serious about earning a promotion at work, here are five signs that you are ready to step up:

You can carry out current tasks with little effort

As you begin to think about whether or not you’re ready for a promotion at work, take a look at your current responsibilities. Are you able to do these tasks with minimal effort? Are you able to complete them in a short period of time? If the answer to these questions are ‘yes,’ it likely means you’re ready to handle the heavier workload a promotion would certainly guarantee.

You’re being given more responsibilities

Think back to your first day in your current role. How has the job changed over time? If you notice that your manager has consistently started to give you more responsibilities, it could indicate that they’re able to trust you with more important tasks. If you’re able to manage these increasing demands, a manager may take this as a sign that you’re ready for a title change.

People come to you with questions

When being considered for a promotion at work, it’s likely that your direct supervisor will be looking at how you interact with other staff. Mainly, they’ll look to see whether or not these interactions include people coming to you for your input and guidance. In your supervisor’s eyes, people going to you for questions and advice indicates that you ‘re knowledgeable, friendly, and approachable — which are all qualities that are necessary in a leader!

You actively look for professional development opportunities

One of the key traits an employer will look for in someone who’s in line for a promotion is their sense of drive in their current role. One way to prove you have this drive is by actively looking for professional development opportunities. If your supervisor sees that you’re taking it upon yourself to grow professionally, they’ll take this as a sign that you are ready to move up within the company.

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You’re receiving more praise from higher-ups

As you take on more responsibilities and are tasked with higher-level work, you may notice that you’re getting more praise from senior-level staff. If this is the case, it could mean that your direct supervisor is quietly making the case for you to move up and is doing so by highlighting your accomplishments to the other decision makers at the company. If you see these praises come in, don’t be surprised if you’re rewarded with a promotion at work by the end of the year!

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