October 29, 2020 | 5 min read
Career Benefits + Opportunities In Video Streaming Services


Video streaming services are a permanent fixture in our lives. Between long-time stalwarts like Netflix and Hulu and new players like Peacock and HBO Max, there are plenty of streaming options to choose from! Behind the scenes, this growing number of video streaming services means lots of competition for top IT talent. In an effort to win the streaming war, media companies are constantly looking for new tech professionals to join their company and pursue their career with them.

“Media streaming has always been a popular industry, but innovative technology and evolving consumer preferences have made it a top destination for IT professionals,” says Jennifer Hatton, Senior Managing Director of ES Technology, a division of The Execu|Search Group. “With so much competition, these video streaming services are looking for every edge they can get. Because of this, these companies know that they have to lock up talent fast if they want to have an advantage over their competitors. If you’re trying to figure out what your next IT career move should be, it’s hard to not consider an industry as fun and as lively as video streaming.”

For tech professionals looking to make their next IT career move, here are four reasons why you should consider a job in video streaming services:

Job opportunities are on the rise

As the streaming wars heat up, companies are not only competing for market share, but tech talent as well. In fact, in a time where many industries have taken a hit, jobs in video streaming services are still expanding. “Media companies know that in order to stay on top, they need to consistently add talent to their teams,” explains Jen. “They need software engineers, data scientists, and other tech professionals to develop and distribute their content. The goal is to be the primary aggregator that serves entire families in their home, and to accomplish this, they need tech professionals of all backgrounds.”

Gain access to cutting edge technology

Innovation is a top priority for video streaming services. To ensure their platform can evolve with industry trends and new advances do not render them obsolete, executives and investors are always on the hunt for new technology. As an employee, this means you’ll likely gain access to the newest tools and programs on the market. “Tech professionals working in video streaming often cite the focus on innovation and new product development as their favorite parts of their job,” says Jen. “Not only does this keep the job exciting, but it can help keep your skillset sharp in an ever-evolving industry!”

You’ll see your direct impact

There’s something deeply satisfying about actually using something you helped create, and what’s better than getting to use and share your work in a personal setting? “If you work for a company that provides video streaming services like Prime or Disney+, you’re also likely using those products when you get home after work,” says Jen. “Being able to explain what parts of the product you work on to friends and family is often a sense of pride for many tech professionals! Plus, being able to see your impact—both at work and at home—can be extremely motivating in your day-to-day.”

Great quality of life

Media companies are not only known for providing a fun working environment, but also among the best at ensuring their employees maintain a strong work-life balance. With companies offering perks like a year’s worth of parental leave, unlimited vacation time, and student loan assistance, many of these companies prioritize their employees’ well-being. “The tech professionals I place in video streaming services are always some of my happiest candidates in the long-run,” says Jen. “Even if the salary isn’t as competitive as an offer in a different industry, there is something to be said for a company that truly cares about their employees. It’s always important to consider the entire package when evaluating an offer. This includes perks and benefits that can improve your quality of life!”

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