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June 10, 2024 | 5 min read
Pride Month Spotlight: Zachary Pehel



Creating an environment that embraces inclusivity and diversity isn’t just good practice—it’s essential for organizations aiming to make everyone feel valued and celebrated. In honor of PRIDE month, we asked our exceptional employees involved with Tandym’s PRIDE Employee Resource Group (ERG) to share their thoughts on the significance of having this and other ERGs at companies like Tandym.

Why do you think it is important to have a PRIDE ERG, not only at our company but at any company?

It’s about making your employees feel accepted and welcomed. You want the respect of your peers as a representative of this community. Establishing a PRIDE Employee Resource Group (ERG) is essential as it illuminates the diverse communities within our organization and enhances awareness of issues affecting our colleagues. This awareness is especially relevant in today’s climate, fostering inclusivity and understanding irrespective of identity or community affiliation.

Additionally, promoting proactive engagement between leadership and the PRIDE ERG strengthens support systems for LGBTQ+ employees. It facilitates open dialogue and ensures that queer-focused initiatives are effectively addressed, thereby cultivating a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone.

Ultimately, the goal is to not only include but to educate both members and allies of the community. When questions or situations pop up, we want to be the ones to help. We’re here, so come talk to us!

What are the advantages of having a PRIDE ERG at the company?

For people on the outside looking in, it demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusion. It can enhance the company’s reputation by attracting top talent and fostering goodwill with clients and candidates. By embracing and supporting LGBTQ+ employees, the company can benefit from a wider range of perspectives and ideas.

I joined a queer-focused LinkedIn group recently just to broaden my perspective and understanding of what it is to be queer in the workplace and it’s been excellent. Exchanging experiences, knowledge, and what our respective companies are doing to support us and the community has been such an advantage to have in my back pocket – especially with trying to grow the ERG at this company.

How can coworkers who aren’t as educated in PRIDE improve their outlook and understanding of the community and their peers?

It’s honestly as simple as asking questions and, if they’re willing, maybe even attending a meeting every quarter. You have to want to learn, that’s the main thing. We’ve had multiple speaking events in years past with representatives of the community who are very knowledgeable and have even broadened my knowledge and opened my eyes to things I was unaware of. It’s like anything in this world: there’s always the opportunity to learn something new daily. As I said, if you did have a question or were unsure of how to handle something regarding the queer community, having those resources to help you along the way – especially in your professional life – can go a long way.

For example, I was working a job that needed candidates who had experience working with LGBTQIA youth. Even for me as a member of the queer community, having a resource group to refer back to so that you can properly find the right person is, in a sense, such a luxury to have. These ERGs can be the perfect guides to navigate every situation professionally and with the proper knowledge they might not have.

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