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August 31, 2023 | 5 min read
Should You Apply For Two Positions At The Same Company?

A long, arduous job search can be exhausting and extremely time consuming.  Throughout your search, you may occasionally find multiple positions open at one organization that interest you.  However, it can be a gamble if you submit an application for more than one position at one company.  While it could show your enthusiasm, it may also reveal to a hiring manager that you didn’t read the job descriptions carefully.  Furthermore, applying for more than two positions can immediately be a red flag to an employer.  As a result, if you come across a few positions that catch your attention, it’s important to be careful and deliberate in your approach.  Additionally, narrow your choices down to no more than two roles.  If you’re unsure of whether you should apply for both positions, ask yourself these questions:

More than one job at same company

Are you equally qualified for the roles?

Be sure to thoroughly read the job descriptions, and carefully evaluate whether or not you are equally suited for both roles.  If there is a difference, you should be aware of the gap and simply apply for the one position that is the best fit for you.  A hiring manager will appreciate that you are aware of your strengths, and they can let you know if they feel you may be a fit for other positions.

If you do apply for both even if you are underqualified for one, the hiring manager will most likely easily notice the discrepancy in your experience and question whether or not you read the job description carefully, or even whether you know what you’re qualified to do.  After a thorough evaluation, if you still can’t decide which best applies to your skill set, you may want to consider applying for both roles, and let the hiring manager decide which position is the best fit for you.

Does the company hold any special importance?

Of course, every professional knows of a few companies they would do almost anything to work for.  If this organization holds a special importance for you and you would truly love either position, your enthusiasm may mean a lot to a hiring manager.  As a result, you may be identified as a good candidate because of your excitement and loyalty to the organization.  However, this must be properly communicated in your application or cover letter in order to truly show your passion for these roles.  If you don’t feel that you possess this fervor, it may not show through in your application, subsequently portraying you as a less strategic job seeker.

Can you submit the applications separately?

If you’re planning to apply for two positions, be sure that you are able to submit two separate applications.  Additionally, it is more important than ever to tailor both your resume and cover letter to the position.  By approaching both applications with care, you may actually prove your attention to detail and counteract any feelings a hiring manager may have that you have a careless attitude.  Be sure that you have enough time to devote for two high quality applications as well; if one submission is much better than the other, it may show that your work is inconsistent, which can also eliminate you from the running.

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